Green Workforce Program

Green workforce program

Creating green jobs for local residents.


Green Apprenticeship Program with NYCHA


In addition to providing local residents with energy savings, the Community Power installer, Accord Power, will hire 15 NYCHA residents as apprentices to work on the solar installations. The goal of the Green Apprenticeship program is to ensure that NYCHA residents are able to build their knowledge and experience in the solar industry in order to secure long-term employment opportunities, while adding credible employees to Accord Power’s team.

Green City Force will coordinate closely with WE ACT, BMC, and NYCHA’s Office of Resident Economic Empowerment & Sustainability (REES) to recruit NYCHA residents to participate in Solar One’s workforce training program. Most trainees will be residents of the NYCHA campuses where the solar installations will be constructed.

Green Workforce Training

workforce training

Between 25-30 NYCHA residents will be selected by Green City Force to participate in Solar One’s Green Workforce Training Program, a 2 week training course focusing on green construction and solar electrical work. Each participant that successfully completes the 2 week training class will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to interview with Accord Power. Trainees selected by Accord Power will receive paid on the job training for the duration of the solar installations. Unhired trainees will receive support from Green City Force, WE ACT, and Solar One to continue to seek employment opportunities.


If you’re a NYCHA resident and would like more information about the workforce program, please email us at