Project Details

What is Community Power?

Community Power is a community solar project for low- and moderate-income residents of New York City. The solar energy systems were installed on three NYCHA campuses – Carver, Glenwood, and Kingsborough, so participants did not install anything on their properties, and construction was completed in 2021. Participants are saving about $120 a year on their electricity costs with solar energy from their local community.


How do participants save money with Community Power?

Each participant is allocated a portion of the community solar project, and every month the monetary value of the electricity produced by the project is converted to dollars and appears as a credit or an “adjustment” on the Con Edison bill.

What are the benefits of being a participant in the project?

  • Community Focus.  Community Power is exclusively available to low-to-moderate-income households in NYC.

  • Energy Savings.  Participants save, on average, $10 a month on their Con Edison bill.

  • NYC Community Energy Co-op.  All participants of this project automatically become members of NYC CEC. Membership in the cooperative grants a vote in future project decisions and NYC CEC initiatives funded by the cooperative.

  • Local, Clean Energy.  Projects are located on NYCHA campuses in East Harlem and Central Brooklyn.

    Where are the solar energy systems located?


nycha campuses

Through the project teams’s partnership with NYCHA, the solar installations are located on the roof of three NYCHA campuses: Carver, Glenwood, and Kingsborough.

Who’s behind Community Power?

The project team includes non-profits Solar One, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, the Brooklyn Movement Center, and Green City Force, along with a consumer-owned energy cooperative the New York City Energy Co-operative, solar installer Accord Power, Sunwealth, the project owner, and Con Edison is a project sponsor. See our About Our Partners page to learn more about the team. See our About Our Partners page to learn more about the team.